Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Marsha Joiner: Tune in Tonight 5 PM Pacific Time

Mary Nettles was another unsuspecting victim whose death was hastened because they trusted what they thought hospice was.

Two daughters, Kim Beeston and Terry Slape had no idea when their Mother, Mary Nettles was taken to a hospice respite care facility that it would be her last outing. Mary was told that she would be going to a spa like facility that would cater to her, paint her finger and toenails and provide a peaceful solarium where she could relax for just a few days....

Hospice staff started drugging Mary as soon as her daughters left. The next morning Mary can’t speak clearly but tells daughters she never wants the medicine she was given last night. Then Nurse Ratchett comes in with another dose of morphine in a pink syringe and when questioned, she says it’s just a small amount mixed with water. Mixing with water is to decrease the irritation of being injected into the vein, it does not decrease the potency.... 

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