Sunday, June 7, 2020

Slow Euthanasia: No One to Blame for Andrew Cuomo Putting 6,000+ Coronavirus Patients in Nursing Homes

 by Daniel Greenfield

"Hi Bob, got a question for you."
"Yes, Andy."
"How many thousands of nursing home patients can you kill before it impedes your presidential chances?"
"Gee, Andy, that's a tough one. For a Democrat. you'd probably have to get to a million before it becomes a problem." 
And, in entirely unrelated news, New York has released a report exonerating itself for killing 6% of its nursing home residents.

Even the AP is rolling its eyes.* ....

*  Marina Villeneuve and Jennifer Peltz, "NY Count: 6,300 Virus Patients Were Sent to Nursing Homes," June 7, 2020, available at

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